YouTube rolls out thumbnail A/B testing for creators

BeReal has been acquired by French developer Voodoo for €500 million

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Adobe sparks outrage with new Terms of Service…

Adobe has recently updated its Terms of Service, causing a major uproar among creators. The new terms grant Adobe unlimited access to content created with their tools, including Photoshop and Substance 3D, and a license to use, reproduce, and even sell this content.

  • Unlimited access: Adobe now claims a worldwide, royalty-free license to use any content created with their software.

  • Creator backlash: Many creators, including Sasha Yanshin, are canceling their subscriptions in protest.

  • Mandatory agreement: Users must agree to the new terms before accessing Creative Cloud apps.

Community reaction: Creators are particularly outraged by Section 4.2, “Licenses to Your Content,” which gives Adobe broad rights over user-generated content. Despite Adobe’s assurances in a blog post that they won't use content for AI training or assume ownership, the legal wording remains vague and troubling.

The fallout:

  • Subscription cancellations: Some users are saying that they’re facing a $79.99 cancellation fee, adding to their frustration.

  • AI concerns: Adobe’s new terms come at a time when concerns about AI exploitation of creative work are high.

What should creators do?

The backlash has led many to consider alternative software. Some recommended options include:

  • Affinity Photo: A one-time purchase alternative to Photoshop.

  • GIMP: A free, open-source photo editor.

  • Procreate: Popular among digital painters using iPad.

Adobe's move has sparked a significant debate about digital rights and the balance of power between software providers and content creators. Whether Adobe will amend its terms in response to the backlash remains to be seen.

Stay informed: For those using Adobe tools, it's crucial to stay updated on these developments and consider the impact on your work and intellectual property.

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YouTube rolls out thumbnail A/B testing for creators

YouTube is finally allowing creators to test multiple thumbnails simultaneously, a feature known as A/B testing. Announced last June and initially available to a select few, "Thumbnail Test & Compare" is now rolling out more widely, offering creators a powerful tool to optimize their video performance.

Key features:

  • A/B testing: Creators can test up to three thumbnails per video.

  • Performance metrics: YouTube will show thumbnails evenly across viewers and select the best based on watch time.

  • Detailed reports: Creators receive data on thumbnail performance, with labels like “Winner” or “Preferred” to indicate results.

How it works:

  • Test duration: Final results may take a few days to two weeks.

  • Manual selection: Creators can override the tool’s choice if desired.

  • Access: Available in YouTube Studio on a computer for creators with advanced features.

Impact on the platform: Even in limited release, the tool has shown significant benefits. For instance, MrBeast noted increased watch time when testing thumbnails with his mouth closed, leading to a shift in his thumbnail strategy.

Additional updates:

  • AI skipping feature: Now available for YouTube Premium subscribers on Android.

  • QR codes and mentions: New features to enhance creator engagement and interaction.

The broader rollout of "Thumbnail Test & Compare" empowers creators to refine their content strategy more effectively, driving higher engagement and viewership.

Latest updates

Acquisition: The fleeting photo-sharing app BeReal has been acquired by French developer Voodoo for €500 million as its popularity plateaued.

Stunt: YouTuber Alex Choi was arrested on federal charges for a video showing fireworks shot from a helicopter at a Lamborghini, violating explosive device laws.

Controversy: MrBeast’s charity video "We Schooled Hundreds of Teachers" was partially funded by Stand Together, an organization founded by right-wing billionaire Charles Koch, known for undermining public schools.

Experiment: Threads might adopt traditional hashtags as Meta tests displaying the # symbol, potentially improving crossposting to the fediverse, which currently breaks Threads tags.

Music: Twitch announced a program allowing DJs to split revenue with record labels, enabling the use of copyrighted music in streams through deals with major and independent labels.

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