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Latest updates

Milestone: MrBeast overtook Bollywood's T-Series to become YouTube’s most-subscribed channel, "avenging" PewDiePie's previous campaign.

Fundraiser: Creators for Palestine, including Hasan Piker and Tyler Oakley, raised over $1.5 million for Gaza relief efforts.

Lawsuit: Gypsy Rose Blanchard sues true crime content creator for defamation and fraud.

Algorithm: TikTok denied reports of creating a US-only algorithm to operate independently from its Chinese parent company, ByteDance.

Bugs: YouTube fixed a bug that caused the thumbs-up 'Like' icon to disappear, but it wasn't broken, just hiding.

NSFW: Elon Musk's X revamped its policy to explicitly allow adult content, sparking debate over safety, regulatory compliance, and the platform's future.

AI: Adobe faced backlash for selling AI-generated “Ansel Adams-style” images, prompting the photographer’s estate to demand their removal, which Adobe complied with.

Exploit: TikTok is addressing a potential exploit in its DMs used to hijack brand accounts like Paris Hilton's and CNN's, and is working to restore affected accounts.

Safety: Twitch is disbanding its Safety Advisory Council, replacing it with streamers from the Twitch Ambassador program.

Collab: Spotify partnered with creator-owned Nebula to stream its original videos, boosting its push for video content and expanding its media offerings.

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Brand deals update on Snap: Linqia & Snapchat unleash creator insights

Linqia, a top influencer marketing partner, has teamed up with Snap to elevate influencer campaigns using detailed creator insights. This partnership offers Snapchat creators new opportunities, boosting their visibility and credibility with top brands.

Why this matters for Snapchat creators:

  • Increased discoverability: Brands can now easily find and partner with you.

  • Boosted credibility: Showcase your value with detailed performance metrics.

  • Optimized content: Use real-time data to refine your strategies.

Linqia COO Daniel Schotland says, “This partnership brings essential data to help our clients select the right creator partners and optimize their campaigns for better results.”

For brands:

  • Targeted influencer matching: Find the best creators for your audience.

  • Data-driven campaigns: Measure and enhance effectiveness with detailed analytics.

  • Maximized ROI: Align with consumer trends for higher returns.

The Linqia-Snapchat collaboration is a game-changer, providing creators with more opportunities and brands with powerful insights to drive successful campaigns.

Behind Fallen Media's viral TikTok series “Street Hearts”

In March 2023, Fallen Media launched "Street Hearts with Tiff Baira," a speed-dating series set in New York City. With just 120 posts, "Street Hearts" has quickly amassed 400,000 followers, showcasing the impact of innovative short-form content.

Context: Founded in 2020, Fallen Media specializes in short-form interview shows hosted by social-media creators. "Street Hearts" features Tiffany Baira, a dating guru, guiding strangers through fun and quirky speed dates, creating an engaging and playful atmosphere.

Zoom out: Michael Valentino, Fallen Media's content head, describes the series as a "Gen-Z take on the talk show format," leveraging the spontaneous energy of New York City. The minimalist setup captures the city's raw vibe, making each episode feel like a slice of urban life.

Insight: CEO Sol Betesh highlights Fallen Media's agility in content creation. Their self-funded model and low production costs allow them to test and adapt quickly, contrasting with the rigid structure of larger companies.

Tiffany Baira's rapport with guests is key to the show's success. “The key to a serious relationship isn’t always about being serious. It shouldn’t feel like a LinkedIn opportunity,” she says.

New York City plays a crucial role, with iconic locations like Washington Square Park adding authenticity. The show attracts celebrities, enhancing its appeal.

Revenue: Fallen Media integrates brand deals into their shows, featuring companies like Celsius and Taco Bell. They leverage creators' social followings to secure complementary deals.

On Set: Regular guests like Maia Novi and Fabrizio Villalpando keep content fresh and engaging, promoting their projects through the platform.

The future: Valentino and his team constantly scout for new talent, aiming to create a new kind of talk show that blends traditional elements with social media spontaneity. Their success with "Street Hearts" demonstrates the power of agile, innovative production in digital content creation.

Ex-Instagram staffers launch cozy social app Retro for private sharing

Former Instagram staffers Nathan Sharp and Ryan Olson have created Retro, a buzzworthy social app focused on small-scale, intimate sharing experiences. Launched last July, Retro offers a refreshing alternative to the crowded social media landscape, emphasizing close connections over mass appeal.

Why creators should care:

  • Intimate sharing: Retro is designed for sharing personal moments with a close circle, making it perfect for those tired of public feeds.

  • No public discovery: Users won’t feel lost in a sea of strangers; the app focuses on connections with friends and family.

  • New features: Shared albums and private messaging enhance the experience beyond just photo cataloging.

Retro’s unique appeal:

  • Built by experts: The six-person team, all ex-Instagrammers, leverages their experience to create a user-friendly, cozy app.

  • Quality over quantity: Unlike major social networks, Retro encourages users to post meaningful content without endless scrolling.

  • Avoiding AI trends: Retro sticks to human-centered design, avoiding the AI hype to focus on genuine connections.

What’s next: Retro has raised an undisclosed seed round led by Thrive Capital. While currently free, the founders are exploring freemium or subscription models to ensure sustainability.

Join the cozy movement: With industry giants and Silicon Valley insiders already on board, Retro offers a promising new platform for creators seeking a more personal, engaging way to share their lives.

TikTok of the week…

This is 🇨🇴: A snippet of authentic Colombian culture, live from a moving bus. We're loving these snippets of engaged community present in different countries around the world!


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