Can a $500 prize spark positivity on Threads?

Plus: TikTok battle escalates

The Senate's move to advance a ban or sale of TikTok as part of a foreign aid package is setting the stage for a high-stakes showdown. With legal challenges looming, TikTok's top brass is rallying creator support, emphasizing the platform's commitment and urging action on privacy legislation. As tensions rise, creators brace for the next chapter in this unfolding saga.

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Can a $500 prize spark positivity on Threads?

Threads is tossing a tempting $500 carrot into the mix, hoping to rally creators around spreading positivity on its platform. But as the initiative unfolds, many are left wondering: will it truly make a difference?

The challenge, designed to champion uplifting content, beckons creators with the promise of a potential $500 windfall. Yet, amidst Threads' battle to maintain its user base and creators grappling with jam-packed schedules, the allure of the prize may fall short.

While the push for positivity is commendable, some are skeptical of the offer's impact. With the prize resembling more of a lottery ticket than a guaranteed reward, convincing creators to prioritize Threads over platforms where they already command a loyal following and generate income remains a tall order.

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Instagram adds new options for creator subscriptions

Instagram is revamping its creator subscriptions, offering creators new tools to monetize their content and connect with fans. Here's what you need to know:

  1. Get insights: With sticker tap insight, creators can see how their stickers engage their audience, helping them tailor their content for maximum impact.

  2. Tease subscribers: Instagram now showcases subscription stories teasers to non-subscribers, enticing them with a sneak peek of exclusive content and encouraging them to join.

  3. Protect your content: Instagram introduces stronger safeguards against screenshots and screen recordings, ensuring your exclusive content stays exclusive.

  4. Access more resources: Explore Instagram's professional dashboard for case studies, best practices, and essential tools to thrive in the world of creator subscriptions.

While the road to success isn't easy, Instagram's updates offer promising opportunities for creators willing to put in the effort. With dedication and the right tools, you can transform your passions into profits like never before. Learn more here.

News corner

  • Twitch’s TikTok-style discovery feed, which lets users scroll through live streams and video clips, is going to be available for all users this month.

  • Planoly acquired Snipfeed's link-in-bio tool to enhance its creator offerings.

  • TikTok said its new photo and text app TikTok Notes is available for download in Australia and Canada. The company said it’s in the “early stages of experimenting” with it.

  • Adobe's VideoGigaGAN AI can upscale blurry videos up to 8x their original resolution, providing finer details without distortion.

  • The EU is scrutinizing TikTok's rewards-based app TikTok Lite in Spain and France, citing concerns over potential addictiveness, with a warning of possible suspension if a risk assessment report isn't provided within 24 hours.

  • Snap will show a watermark on AI generated images with its ghost logo and a sparkle when users use the company’s AI tools.

  • Roblox announced more creators can now publish 3D avatar items to its marketplace. Previously, creators had to apply to post digital items to sell.