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Essential or not? What MrBeast teaches creators about managers

Plus: Instagram expands creator marketplace access


Eight TikTok creators are suing to block a law that would ban the app unless its Chinese parent company divests, arguing it would harm their livelihoods and creative expression.

The lawsuit mirrors TikTok's own challenge to the law, emphasizing First Amendment rights and disputing concerns around the app's security risks. It highlights TikTok's unique culture and identity as a platform for expression, somewhere that's quicker to grow a following and with an algorithm distinct from its competitors.

All eight creators stress that TikTok's recommendation algorithm and features differentiate it, and they fear an ownership change could drastically alter the platform's experience, similar to Elon Musk's impact on Twitter. They seek to declare the law unconstitutional and halt its enforcement.

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Instagram widens its creator marketplace access

Instagram is widening access to its creator marketplace. facilitating collaborations between brands and creators to enhance messaging targeted at specific audiences within the app.

The marketplace now allows brands to search for creators based on various criteria such as audience size, location, and interests. Initially available in several countries, including the U.S. and India, it's now expanding to ten more markets, including South Korea, Germany, and Mexico.

With influencer marketing showing effectiveness, particularly in features like Reels, leveraging the creator marketplace could enhance campaign outcomes.This expansion aims to provide more opportunities for brands and creators to connect and collaborate on affiliate and creative marketing programs. 

Creators must comply with Instagram's policies to be listed, and brands can access the marketplace through Ads Manager.

Podcasting win: YouTube plans to compete with Apple and Spotify

YouTube is intensifying its focus on podcasts, aiming to compete with platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts by offering unique tools for both creators and listeners.

The platform leverages its dual capabilities in video and audio to attract listeners, allowing users to seamlessly switch between watching video podcasts and listening to them in the background through YouTube Music. Podcasts are integrated into the YouTube Music app's home and Explore tabs, enhancing discoverability.

YouTube USP is that it provides various podcast-specific features, such as filtering out music content, following shows, adding episodes to libraries, and offline listening for Premium users. Furthermore, creators benefit from exclusive tools like live streaming, comment responses, and posting clips to YouTube shorts, even if their podcasts aren't video-based. YouTube's search and discovery features are highlighted as key differentiators, with plans for further enhancements in the future.

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Paris Hilton & Nicole Richie reunite for a reboot of their iconic 00s reality show: "New Era. Same Besties. 👯‍♀️ Coming soon to Peacock," Hilton captioned her announcement post on Instagram, posted in collaboration with the streamer. In it, Richie and Hilton can be heard singing their memorable "sanasa" bit. 

@Creators Instagram series: Instagram Head Adam Mosseri interviews creators about their career growth. The first episode features comedy creator Ezee chatting with Mosseri about various topics including platform strategy, new features, and community engagement. The series aims to provide creators with insights into growing on IG, including monetization approaches and AI advances.

YouTube’s CEO thinks YouTubers deserve an Emmy category. Do YouTube creators deserve an Emmy’s category? YouTube CEO Neal Mohan thinks they do. His guest article in The Hollywood Reporter states that creators have writers’ rooms, production teams, and business strategies like television and film producers do. So do they not also deserve an Emmy category? More and more, viewers are tuning into creators who are reinventing our favorite genres, like Hot Ones. Sean Evans’ YouTube talk show launched in 2015 with a premise based on spicy chicken wings, and now it’s a hit. It’s garnered more than 3 billion views and features a regular rotation of celebrity guests.

Instagram urges Creators to keep Reels to under 90 seconds. Insights shared at a recent creator event in New York, including advice from CEO Adam Mosseri, highlighted the importance of concise content for maximizing distribution. While some tips were basic, others stressed posting simultaneously on multiple platforms for broader branding. 

Are managers always essential for content creators? What creators can learn from MrBeast

YouTube’s most followed creator, MrBeast, parted ways with his talent manager earlier this month. Does this signify a trend where creators opt to manage their brands independently?

At the very least, the move signals a desire for creators as a large to exercise direct ownership and control over their brand connections and audience relationships, rather than relying on intermediaries.

While talent agencies have traditionally played a crucial role, some experts suggest they may need to adapt to the changing landscape, focusing on personalized support and understanding creators' priorities beyond just brokering deals.

There’s no general rule of thumb but from the outset it seems either the small or larger creators can get away without a talent manager; smaller creators simply don’t have enough to ‘manage’ to bring on a manager and larger creators already have the connections and platform to attract enough opportunities on their own to negotiate. Medium sized creators, however, may very well still benefit from a talent manager to take their brand and platform to X to Y.