Instagram cash bonuses 💰

Plus: YouTube's new AI chapters...

Is The Bronx in the room with us?.... Everyone all over social media is throwing shade at Jenny from the Block for constantly bringing up her working class roots. “She’s so Michael Scott coded” is my personal favorite comment on a @velvetcoke Instagram post. In a world where TikTok set the 2020s precedent of filter-less, authentic content, more traditional stars like Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian are struggling to get the memo- and yet, it works because viewers love to hate them for it! 

What’s been your favorite influencer spoof of JLo’s documentary? Anyway, off to drink an orange drink…. if you know you know! 

— Rosa Gosling

Instagram introduces cash bonuses for creators to boost engagement and compete with TikTok.

Key takeaways:

Instagram launches "Spring Bonus" program, compensating creators for engagement on various post formats.

The program is invite-only and caps earnings; excludes branded content and posts with third-party watermarks.

This Meta move reflects Instagram's strategy shift and competition with TikTok's emphasis on photo content.

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As Facebook's promises more cash for creators, widespread engagement manipulation and illicit account sales followed.

Key takeaways: 

Facebook's Performance Bonus program incentivizes creators to artificially boost engagement, leading to spam and inauthentic activity.

Creators exploit Facebook Groups to engage in reciprocal engagement tactics, violating platform policies.

Despite Meta's attempts to curb manipulation, the scale of illicit behavior persists, including the trading of Performance Bonus-eligible accounts.

YouTube's new AI chapters: Skipping to the good parts and livestreaming in HDR

Here's the scoop:

YouTube's AI chapters let you skip to the best bits of a video, making your binge-watching sessions a breeze.

Livestreamers get a boost too with Live reactions and HDR streaming for better engagement and quality streams.

My Fave TikTok of the Week 


this song living in my head rent free 🌹 song: Can I Call You Rose? - @Thee Sacred Souls