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  • Instagram is paying you to post, did you get the invite?

Instagram is paying you to post, did you get the invite?

Plus: Is Spotify about to cost 50% more? 🤫

Hey creators!

Welcome to another edition of Curious Creator - where we unpack creator economy trends and social media updates with a dash of interesting creator facts.

Here’s what we got for you today:

  • Instagram tests new bonus programs for creators

  • LinkedIn is trying TikTok-like videos now

  • Is Spotify about to cost 50% more?

  • Social media updates

  • Creator spotlight

Get paid to post: Instagram tests new bonus programs for creators

Making a decent living from Instagram is a dream for many creators. And to support this dream, Instagram is now testing new bonus programs.

Here’s everything you need to know:

  • The programs will pay creators cash incentives for posting engaging photos, reels (short videos), photo carousels, and single-image posts on the app.

  • One of the bonus offerings is called the "Spring Bonus" and it pays out based on how much engagement - likes, comments, shares, etc. - a creator's reels, photo carousels, and single photos get.
    But it's capped to a maximum of $30,000 over 30 days 

A little incentive never hurts, right?

Why the sudden shift?

We all know how for a while there Instagram was so focused on pushing short video content to compete with TikTok. But now they're remembering their roots and wanting to incentivize more photo posts again.

They used to have this "Reels Play Bonus" that only paid for reels, but they axed that back in March. Now they want that photo content back!

Is it open to all creators?

From what we know, it's invite-only for now and only available in the U.S., Japan, and South Korea. 

If you're posting branded content though, none of those bonuses apply.

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Even LinkedIn is trying TikTok-like videos now

Can you imagine scrolling through TikTok kinds of fun, snappy videos on LinkedIn of all places? 

Well, LinkedIn confirmed to TechCrunch that it is testing this new short-form video feed housed within a dedicated "video" tab in its app.

The professional networking site began piloting a new video tab last week that showcases a feed of vertical videos for select users. 

Some users like Austin Null and Lia Haberman have shared early glimpses of this TikTok-esque video content on LinkedIn.

And you know LinkedIn isn't the first to try jumping on the short-vertical-video bandwagon. Platforms like Twitch, Reddit, Spotify - and even Netflix has been experimenting with TikTok-esque video feeds lately.

It's like the entire social media universe is having a moment of realizing "Wait, TikTok is onto something huge here with this format!" So now everybody wants a piece of that video candy!

 Is Spotify about to cost 50% more?

Would you pay an extra $4 to $10 a month on your music streaming service? Just to keep jamming to your playlists? Brutal, right?

A new bill called the "Living Wage for Musicians Act" is floating around that proposes a price bump for streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music.  

We're talking an extra $4 to $10 a month.

Why is this happening?

Everyone loves music streaming! You love it, artists...well, some artists love it. The problem?  Many musicians, especially those who aren't chart-toppers, feel they're not getting their fair share from streaming services.

While the idea of helping musicians is noble, a price hike that size might be a tough pill to swallow, especially these days.  

So, will this bill become law? 

Most signs point to no.

But hey, it's definitely got us talking about how to make streaming music fair for everyone involved. Still, a 50% subscription markup ain't it.

Extra: Spotify is changing how it charges customers, with new plans and prices. (Read more)

What’s happening around the world?

Social media updates:

  • YouTube makes finding the best parts easier. (link)

  • Discord’s sponsored Quests are coming next week. Which lets people earn in-game sponsored items by completing quests while friends watch in Discord. (link)

  • Snapchat bumped up its maximum video length from 60 seconds to five minutes. (link)

  • Meta implements age confirmation checks for VR Users to improve its child protection measures. (link)

  • Instagram provides an expanded overview of tips and tricks for Stories. (link)

Creator spotlight 😍

Every week, we shine a light on a popular creator and reveal lesser-known, interesting, or inspiring facts.

Nick DiGiovanni, with over 15 million YouTube subscribers and more than 260 million monthly views, is also one of TikTok’s top U.S. food creators.

He’s also known as the youngest-ever finalist on Gordon Ramsay’s MasterChef.

But an even more interesting fact is that he created the first food major at Harvard, called Food & Climate, to figure out ways to address the environmental crisis through food. 

His interests led to the startup of Voodles, backed by Harvard’s Innovation Lab, which would help revolutionize the way kids eat vegetables. 

“At Harvard, I learned a lot about drive, sticking with your gut, and going for something until you get what you’re working for,” he said.

Nick is proving that you can follow your passion and make a real difference.

That’s a wrap! See you soon for more! 👋

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