Patreon is copying Reddit 😳

Plus: Is TikTok still TikTok without the algorithm?

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  • Is TikTok still TikTok without the algorithm?

  • Patreon is taking Reddit’s approach to content moderation.

  • YouTube is bringing an NFL-style multiview to Coachella 2024’s livestream.

Plus, the latest social media updates and a creator spotlight 😍

Is TikTok still TikTok without the algorithm?

Well, what is Facebook without poking? What is Netflix without recommendations? What is TikTok without its algo? A bad dream we wouldn’t wanna see the day of. 

That's the TikTok’s future Steve Mnuchin might be trying to buy, according to The Washington Post.  

  • Former Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin is reportedly assembling a group of investors to buy the TikTok app, then rebuild it from scratch, without the algorithm.

  • However, Matt Perault, a former Facebook public policy director points out that even the biggest tech companies have struggled to replicate the kind of powerful AI-driven algorithm that makes TikTok's recommendation system so effective.

  • Saying "If Steve Mnuchin thinks he can do that and succeed where a lot of successful companies have struggled, good luck."

I mean, let's be real:

The users are the real foundation for any social media app. And those users aren't likely to just abandon ship en masse if the algorithm changes, as long as they can still connect, create, and consume content like they're used to.

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Patreon is taking Reddit’s approach to content moderation

Patreon is taking a page straight out of Reddit's playbook for content moderation. 

They're rolling out a new feature that's gonna let creators on the platform assign community members as actual moderators.

It's a pretty smart move if you ask us. 

See, Patreon has all these guidelines and rules that apply across the board. But different creators are gonna have their own unique community vibes and needs. So now, they can pick people from their fanbase to help enforce the specific dos and don'ts for their own little corner of Patreon.

What’s more?

  • Now, Patreon users will be able to access these Discord-style chats through the web, not just on mobile. 

  • And creators will even have the option to open up their chat rooms to unpaid fans, not just paid subscribers. 

  • Plus, there's gonna be this cool new video response feature too.

This moderation update is just one part of Patreon's bigger push to expand how fans can interact with creators. They're also rolling out some major upgrades to the whole chat room feature they launched last year.

They're clearly looking to evolve beyond just being a subscription platform. Should be interesting to see how their creator and fan base take to all these new social features.

YouTube is bringing NFL-style multiview to Coachella 2024’s livestream

YouTube is really leaving no stone unturned for their Coachella livestream this year! 

It's pretty wild - Bringing an NFL-style multiview feature to its livestream. This will allow viewers at home to watch up to 4 different Coachella stages simultaneously on a single screen, while being able to switch between audio feeds.

There will be 6 different stage feeds to choose from during the festival, which is taking place over two weekends in April 2024.

Why the exclusive livestream?

  • YouTube has had an exclusive content partnership with Coachella for 12 years, allowing it to livestream the festival for free on its platform.

  • But, this year, Coachella ticket sales have been the slowest in over a decade, with both weekend passes still available months after going on sale.

  • It could be because of high ticket prices, a lackluster lineup, or just general festival fatigue among fans.

Final words: YouTube is hoping this multiview livestream feature is gonna be a game-changer. If all those usual Coachella-goers are staying home this year, YouTube might be able to scoop up a ton of viewers who still wanna experience the festival virtually. 

Could be a real win-win for both YouTube and the fans.

What’s happening around the world?

  • Meta’s court filing in an FTC case shows that in 2021 Instagram’s ad revenue topped $32 billion, compared to $28.8 billion for YouTube. (Link)

  • MrBeast reveals staggering amount of money he’s made reposting old videos on X following Elon Musk's request. (Link)

  • NASA lets young people experience the solar eclipse on ‘Fortnite, Minecraft,’ and Twitch (Link)

  • Free blue ticks back for some accounts on X leaving some users unhappy (Link)

  • AdAge shares “5 GEN Z TRENDS FOR BRANDS TO WATCH” (Link)

Social media updates:

  • Private Reels?: Instagram is allegedly developing a feature called "Blend," which creates a private feed of Reels recommended for you and a friend.

  • Meta’s trying out a new program to boost its Twitter-like Threads app, by paying some threads creators for their posts.

  • X (formerly Twitter) could be facing a ban in Brazil, after Elon Musk’s latest decision to defy a court order to block “certain popular accounts in Brazil”

  • Instagram/Threads chief Adam Mosseri said “Followers are not a good indicator of account value” 

  • Facebook’s new full-screen video player looks a lot like TikTok

Creator spotlight 😍

Every week, we shine a light on a popular creator and reveal lesser-known, interesting, or inspiring facts.

When it comes to gaming celebrities, few names loom as large as Tyler "Ninja" Blevins. Once a small-time Halo pro, Ninja has risen to become one of the most recognizable faces, and influential voices, in the entire gaming industry.

But it was his transition to Fortnite in 2017 that truly catapulted him to stardom.

He appeared on late night talk shows, landed sponsorship deals with the likes of Adidas and Red Bull, and even performed a live Fortnite concert alongside EDM artist Marshmello that was viewed by millions.

Ninja has proven time and time again that he's more than just a skilled gamer - he's a true ambassador for the sport.

Here’s a sneak peak when Ninja partnered with Redbull and designed his own can!

This limited edition can featuring Ninja’s logo and branding became a highly sought-after collector’s item among his fans.

How cool is that

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