TikTok's ticking clock ⏰

Plus: AI Met Gala pictures apparently fooled Katy Perry’s mom

TikTok is taking on the U.S. government with a lawsuit, slamming the forced sell-off or shutdown as "unconstitutional." This bold legal move aims to safeguard its vibrant community of over a billion users from what it sees as a uniquely targeted and baseless ban.


Gumroad, a startup that helps creators sell digital goods, said it’s open to buying 10% of creator-led businesses, and will write checks between $100,000 and $500,000.

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TikTok's ticking clock: How a potential U.S. ban could reshape the creator economy

A looming TikTok ban in the U.S. could become reality unless ByteDance divests, following recent legislation signed by President Biden. This potential ban is poised to shake the very foundation of the creator economy—a robust $250 billion industry expected to double by 2027.

Many creators, who have turned TikTok into a primary income source through direct sales and sponsored content, now face the threat of losing their platform. Influencers like Lauren-Ashley Beck, once a "Survivor" contestant, now a prominent TikTok content creator, are diversifying their social media presence in response. Beck, known as 'The Queen of Stream,' has successfully partnered with major streaming services and is actively cross-posting to platforms like YouTube and Instagram to safeguard her career.

Strategic moves for creators: The potential shutdown suggests a dire need for creators to explore and establish themselves on alternate platforms such as YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and Snapchat. James Nord from Fohr emphasizes the severe impact this ban could have, noting it could shut down many creator-driven small businesses. Similarly, Prasuna Cheruku of Diversifi Talent advises creators to secure their presence on multiple platforms to continue earning substantial revenue.

Advice for navigating uncertainty: For creators feeling anxious about the future, the message is clear: you are not defined by TikTok alone. Proactively expanding your digital footprint and engaging with your audience across various platforms is crucial. While the transition may be challenging, maintaining an optimistic outlook and adapting to new opportunities is key to sustaining your career in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Stay informed and prepared. Diversify your platforms and continue creating content that resonates with your audience, no matter where they are.

Sprout Social's recent report of 2,000 individuals from the US and UK reveals crucial trends that influencers need to know to optimize their engagement and earning potential. Essential takeaways for creators:

  • Consumer influence: A robust 89% of consumers are swayed by influencers when making purchases, with nearly half buying monthly based on these recommendations.

  • Pricing strategy: Influencers are setting their rates confidently, with most charging at least $250 per sponsored post. Discounts are common for multiple post deals, emphasizing the value of long-term partnerships.

  • Content preferences: Short-form videos are preferred among creators, especially clips lasting 15-30 seconds, due to their high engagement and efficiency. Longer content and account takeovers are less favored, often seen as less engaging and more labor-intensive.

  • AI influencers: There's a growing interest in AI influencers, especially among Gen Z, who are more likely to engage with brands that utilize this technology. However, human influencers express concerns about competition from AI, fearing it might reduce their opportunities.

Adapt and thrive: As the influencer market continues to evolve, staying informed and adaptable is key. Understanding these trends can help you strategically position yourself within the industry, ensuring continued growth and success in a competitive digital landscape. Get the full report.


  • Apple enhances its professional apps, Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro, for the iPad, introducing features like external project support and Live Multicam, along with a new professional camera app.

  • Instagram adds new interactive stickers like 'Reveal,' which blurs Stories until viewers DM to unlock, along with 'Frames' and 'Add Yours Music,' boosting engagement and interactivity.

  • YouTube aims to maximize its top streaming status, showcasing stars and AI tools to boost ad revenue during the TV upfront selling season at Brandcast.

  • YouTube star MrBeast is parting ways with Night Media to independently manage his growing business ventures, including his brand Feastables and a new Amazon Prime reality show.

  • Snapchat pushes 'real' connections with friends over its AI chatbot and influencer feeds in pitch to advertisers.

  • Threads may adopt some of the same changes rolling out on sister app Instagram to the way the app recommends posts to users.

  • Substack is going big on video. On Tuesday, it launched the Substack Creator Studio, a fellowship program for emerging video creators who want to turn their TikTok presence into Substack shows.

AI Met Gala pictures apparently fooled Katy Perry’s mom. The singer reshared fake AI images of herself at the Met Gala — an event she didn’t attend — along with a text showing her own mom fell for the synthetic image that was circulating. The official Instagram account commented, “a TRUE goddess.” Unclear if the person running it realized it was AI.

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