What to expect at VidCon

Plus: How a mini video series supercharged this creator’s Instagram account

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💸 Spotify stops "Call Her Daddy" ads: Anticipating Alex Cooper’s move to a rival, Spotify has paused ad sales as the podcast goes non-exclusive.

💬 Izea introduces AI voice cloning for creators: Now, generate and share AI voices with sponsors.

🇺🇸 TikTok opposes U.S. ban: The company's latest court brief claims the forced sale or shutdown law unfairly targets and silences the platform.

🎙️ Khloé Kardashian set for video podcast on X: Launching this fall, details on topics still under wraps as X seeks more original content.

🎶 Universal Music partners with AI startup SoundLabs: The deal enables UMG artists to use MicDrop for transforming human voices into instruments and multilingual voice versions.

✋ X restricts livestreaming to paid subscribers: Unlike free services on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitch, X now requires a subscription for livestream access.

☕️ Patreon to introduce flexible membership options: Soon, creators can sell individual posts and offer memberships as gifts. New tools will also auto-generate audio and video teasers for social media promotion.

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What to expect at VidCon

This week, creators from around the globe are gathering in Los Angeles for VidCon, the ultimate conference focused on content creation and digital media. Last year’s event attracted 55,000 attendees, and this year promises to be even bigger, with the theme of the creator economy's "coming of age" taking center stage.

Post-boom in venture funding, investments in the creator economy are surging again. Jacques Keyser, VidCon's programming director, points out that creators are now evolving into entrepreneurs, building sophisticated businesses. Think MrBeast’s Feastables and Logan Paul’s Prime, which could soon see billion-dollar acquisitions.

Must-attend sessions:

One of the most anticipated sessions is “Follow The Money: Creator Economy Economics” on Thursday at 2 p.m. in Ballroom AB. Join Megan Lightcap from Slow Ventures and Jasmine Enberg from eMarketer as they delve into the highs and lows of the creator economy and what lies ahead.

Earlier that day, at 10:40 a.m., don’t miss Kaya Yurieff’s chat with Andrew Rea, the mastermind behind the “Babish Culinary Universe.” Exploring how he transformed his YouTube cooking channel into a thriving business empire, complete with physical products, books, and exciting new ventures like the Bed & Babish rental service.

The AI revolution: AI is set to be a hot topic at VidCon. Panels will discuss responsible AI usage, its impact on marketing, and workshops on leveraging AI tools for language translation. Keyser emphasizes AI's transformative potential, saying we’re just scratching the surface of what AI can do for content creation.

Meet the stars: Expect to see top creators like VidCon co-founders Hank and John Green, TikTok sensations Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, comedy genius Alan Chikin Chow, and the ever-entertaining Adam Rose. Their presence underscores VidCon’s role as a key event for networking and inspiration.

VidCon 2024 is shaping up to be an unmissable event for anyone in the creator economy. With discussions on the business evolution of creators, the groundbreaking impact of AI, and opportunities to connect with industry giants, VidCon offers invaluable insights and inspiration. Whether you're an aspiring creator or a seasoned pro, this is the place to be to learn, grow, and thrive in the digital age.

How a mini video series supercharged this creator’s Instagram account

Mylene Mae, 24, skyrocketed to Instagram fame by turning short Reels into captivating mini-series, becoming a standout example for fellow creators. Initially focused on long-form YouTube videos about learning to code and post-college life, Mae found growth challenging. “YouTube is really hard,” Mae said. “So I pivoted to Instagram.”

The breakthrough series: Mae launched a series called “23 Lessons from 2023,” discussing topics like goal-setting and evaluating advice. “Having a series helped me focus on a theme and experiment within that constraint,” she explained.

The sixth video went viral, amassing 3.5 million views and boosting her follower count from 400 to 70,000 in a week. Now, she has nearly 170,000 followers. Her attempts to repost these videos on YouTube Shorts and TikTok garnered only a fraction of the views, solidifying Instagram as her platform of choice.

Monetizing and connecting: Based in Los Angeles, Mae works at a video-editing software startup while also earning from sponsorships with brands like Adobe and Asus. She believes Instagram excels in creator-fan connections with features like broadcast channels for group chats with top fans, a feature TikTok lacks.

Future plans: Mae is exploring more mini-series ideas, ranging from five-video sets to extended 20-part projects. “I’m playing around with different styles and editing types,” she said. Her innovative approach and viral success provide a blueprint for fellow creators looking to grow their social media presence and connect deeply with their audience.