YouTube quietly hides creators' ad revenue...

PLUS: Whalar drops the mic...from likes to lighthouse, creators' new HQ

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YouTube is making it harder to tell if a creator is getting ad revenue

YouTube is making it harder to tell if a creator is getting ad revenue. Wired reports that YouTube recently removed a bit of public code that flagged whether a channel was monetizing through ad revenue. The secrecy around the YouTube Partner Program has left both creators and watchdogs in the dark.

Implications: Creators are left clueless about the competition, and advocacy groups struggle to expose problematic content. YouTube claims it's about privacy, but critics argue it's a dodge for accountability.

Code fallout: The disappearance of the code has created chaos, hindering research and obscuring strategies. As YouTube tightens the reins, questions about transparency and accountability loom large. Stay tuned for how this affects the online content landscape.


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Whalar drops the mic: From likes to lighthouse, creators' new HQ

Whalar, the influencer marketing maven, is going big beyond just likes and follows. In a quiet power move, they've unleashed a slew of new ventures, from product-selling studios to crafting Fortnite experiences. The latest flex? Lighthouse, a campus for creators to hustle, grind, and build empires.

Whalar's mixtape: Forget one-hit wonders; Whalar's dropping a mixtape of services, including studios, software, and gaming, vibing with the ever-changing creator scene.

Lighthouse lit AF: Lighthouse isn't your average campus; it's where creators hustle hard. From workspaces to production studios, it's the HQ for those turning passion into a paycheck. Membership's in the game at $5,750 a year, with a nod to inclusivity for the underdogs.

Whalar's expansion saga: No VC? No problem. Whalar's making moves without the cash injection, from the Foam software unit to Moby Ventures, helping creators slay the DTC game.

Whalar's not just riding the wave; they're creating it. Lighthouse is just the beginning of their symphony for the creators turned CEOs. Stay tuned; this is more than an influencer story—it's a revolution in the making. Application open January 2024🚀

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